"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding." William Paul Thurston

Mrs Munday, Miss Iverson, Mrs Martin, Miss Cheema, Miss Scarpitta
Entry Requirements: Grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics


At DGSB, you will study the Edexcel A-level specification. It covers many topics, including introductions to advanced algebra, series, differentiation, integration, vectors and mechanics. There is an emphasis on the following skills:

  • Mathematical argument, language and proof
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Mathematical modelling

At the end of year 13, you will have three 90 minute exams, two of which cover the pure mathematics content of the course, while the third exam covers the mechanics and statistics content.


Mathematics is a versatile qualification, well-respected by employers and higher education institutions. Careers for men and women with good mathematics skills and qualifications are not only well paid, but they are also often interesting and rewarding. People who have studied mathematics are in the fortunate position of having an excellent choice of career.

Many employers value mathematics qualifications because mathematics students become better at thinking logically and analytically.

If you are thinking about studying for a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) degree, A-level mathematics is a requirement for most courses.

According to the Institute of Physics ‘Mind the Gap’ report, published in 2010: ‘Those students who had studied further mathematics to A- or AS-level standard reported coping better with the mathematical content of the degree, and as such perceived that they required less additional support throughout their studies.’