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Interim Assessment

Interim assessments form the core of how students are assessed at DGSB.

Interim assessments always use PROGRESS SCORES against a benchmark target awarded on the basis of assessment evidence.

Benchmark targets are derived from the students’ prior attainment at KS2 or KS4.

LEARNING SCORES are awarded which assess either the students’ quality of Behaviour for Learning and/or Attitude to Independent Learning according to set criteria.

In Year 11 and 13 CURRENT GRADES are awarded – these assess the grade the student would most likely earn if they were to take the final examinations now.

Interim assessments are undertaken 3 times a year for all year groups:

- Term 1: Years 8/11

- Term 2: Years 9/10/13/7/12/11

- Term 3: Years 8/10/13

- Term 4: Years 9/7/12

- Term 5: Years 11/13

- Term 6: Years 9/10/7/8/12

How are Interim Assessments graded?


The current level of progress demonstrated, if maintained, means that your son/daughter is likely to:

Assessment 1


Assessment 2

CURRENT GRADES (Years 11 & 13 only)

The grade which best represents the quality of work produced to date, reflecting what they would most likely achieve were they to sit the final exams today

The Use of Assessment Data

Interim assessment data is analysed using spreadsheets and software packages together with other sources such as mock examination results.

The School has a wealth of information regarding each student’s academic progress and two key aspects are routinely analysed:

- Progress – progress toward benchmark targets

- Learning Scores – quality of approach to behaviour and/or independent learning

This provides an accurate context for assessing how well students are doing given their prior level of attainment and within their year group. This data is used to celebrate achievement of different kinds and actively support better academic progress through the Directors of Key Stages, Subject Leaders, and where appropriate, colleagues responsible for PP, SEND, EAL and Young Carers.