Key Stage 4

GCSE Options Booklet

Key Stage 4 covers Years 9-11 during which time students prepare for and take their GCSE examinations. The curriculum remains broad and balanced, but there is more scope for individual choice of subjects. 

All GCSE courses involve examinations at the end of Year 11. Some courses also involved controlled assessment coursework. This  involves the completion of assignments, some of which are done under examination conditions, and carry a percentage of the marks towards the final grade.

GCSE qualifications are very important indeed as they are the key to entry to the 6th Form, University entrance and ultimately the widest possible career opportunities. During Key Stage 4, it is more important than ever that the home-school partnership is working well. We invite parents to a Revision Skills Evening in Year 11 for parents and students to attend together so that parents can provide that vital support as their sons prepare for their examinations. We are also very keen for parents to attend the schedule of Parents’ Evenings so that they can be kept fully informed of their son’s progress.

The Director of Key Stage, Student Support Officer, Student Welfare Officer and the Form Tutors form the Key Stage 4 team. The Student Support Officer is the first point of contact for parents who have any concerns about their son’s academic progress or general well-being. Our Director of Key Stage 4 is also happy to discuss problems which are causing concern. Subject teachers are always available to talk to parents, too, so that any difficulties can be tackled quickly and effectively.

The Learning Centre continues to provide support where required for students in Key Stage 4, and in treating all our students as gifted and talented we make available opportunities for stretch and challenge to fully develop their potential.

The majority of students at Dover Grammar School for Boys choose to stay on into the 6th form. Students are interviewed individually in Year 11 before making their subject choices for the 6th Form. In instances when they choose alternative post-16 provision, they are given access to the advice they need in order to make the most appropriate choice. All students receive independent careers advice and guidance.

Further information about the Key Stage 4 curriculum can be found in our GCSE Options Booklet.

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