Extra Curricular Activities

At Dover Grammar School for Boys we have a wide range of extra curricular activities, including lunchtime clubs, after school school clubs, sports clubs and teams. We also arrange trips nationally and internationally to enhance students education.

Information on accessing the clubs and trips will be made available when your child joins the school.

Please see the tabs under this heading for further details on the above, or by following the links below:

Combined Cadet Force (CCF)

School Clubs

Lunchtime Clubs

Name of Club 

Staff Member 

When and Where 

Who is it for? 

Rebel Clefs  

Mrs L Simes  

Monday 1.45 MU1 

YR 7&8  

Maths Club 

Mrs A Scarpitta 

L1:  Maths homework Club Monday @ 13:45 in L1  All 

Boyz Ukulele Club 

Mrs L Simes  

Tuesday 8.30-9.00 MU1 

Everyone Welcome  


A Braithwaite  

Tuesday 1:45-2:15 (MU1) 

All singers, all years 

Big Band 

Mrs L Simes  

Wednesday 1.45 MU1 

Any Woodwind & Brass Players.  

Word Game Club 

Mrs H Daniels  

Wednesday Lunch RE3 

Year 7 & 8 

Christian Union 

Ms H Orr

Thursday 1.40 - 2.10 L6 


Theory Club 

Mrs L Simes  

Thursday 1.45 MU1 

Anyone Welcome 

Maths Club 

Mrs A Scarpitta 

L1:  UKMT Maths Challenge Club Thursday @ 13:45 L1 

Years 7 and 8 


Mrs L Simes  

Friday 1.45 MU1 

Any Instrumentalist.  

Science club 

Mr J Calway  

Friday lunch 1.45 -2.15 SU3 

Year 7 &8 

Chess Club 

Mr J Spraggan 

Hall , Friday 1.45pm

All welcome 

After School Clubs

Name of Club 

Staff Member  When and Where  Who is it for? 

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) 

Major J Wiggell MBE
Lieutenant H Orr 

Cadet activities take place on Fridays after school (15.30-19.00)  
CCF office is open on Wednesdays (12.30-14.00) and Fridays (10.30-15.00) 
Location: CCF hut 

Year 8 upwards- email ccf@dgsb.co.uk for more info 

Duke of Edinburgh 

Mr J Cuningham 

On going 

Apply at the end of year 8, work towards bronze in year 9 

Production & Drama Club 

Ms F Briley   Wednesday 3.30 - 5.30 Main Hall   Anyone  

Seido Karate 

Mr L Marsden 

Hosted at another venue, enquire for details
Tue, Thur,Sun 7.30 - 8.15 


Rock Band 

J Ledgerwood 

Wednesday 3:30-4:30 (MU1) 

Rock musicians (you must sign up – maximum of 12 members) 

Joint Band @ DGGS 

Mrs L Simes  

Wednesday 4.00-5.00 Dover Girls  

Grade 1+ Instrumental Player 

Sports Clubs

When and Where  Who is it for? 



For all year groups ( Also B Teams in Yrs 7, ,8, 9 and 10) 

X Country  

All year groups 


Yr9 and Yr11 

Sports Hall Athletics 

Yr7 and Yr8 



All age groups 


All age groups 


All age groups 

Indoor Rowing 

All age groups 


Yrs 7, 8 and 10 



All year groups


All year groups

School Trips

We arrange trips for our students to enhance their education. Trip and excursions in previous years have included:

  • Geography KS4 trip to Naples
  • Geography fieldwork trips (KS4)
  • Ski trip
  • Year 7 Natural History Museum trip
  • Year 8 conference
  • KS4 Art trip to the National Gallery
  • KS5 Art trip to Dungeness
  • KS4 Music trip to the West End
  • KS5 CERN trip
  • MFL KS4 trips to Spain, France and Germany
  • Year 7 day trip to France
  • History KS4 trips to Ypres and Berlin
  • Various careers fairs (KS4 and 5)
  • KS5 Road Safety Experience
  • Annual rewards trips (all KSs)

We also have annual visits from a Dutch school and a German school which students from various year groups get to be involved with.