Values & Ethos

What better motto could there be for a school overlooking Dover, its castle and its port than "Fiat Lux" - "Let There Be Light"?

Dover Grammar School for Boys, situated at the uppermost point of the wonderfully named "Noah's Ark Road" and overlooking Dover and its rich and impressive history, is more than just a school. Not for nothing do we refer to ourselves as "Team DGSB" - and that is what students and staff experience when they join us: a sense of belonging to a community that welcomes and is inclusive, and which encourages, aspires and cares in equal measure. "Fiat Lux" - "Let There Be Light" - informs all that we do, both inside school and in the wider community.

What do we want for our students and staff? First and foremost, we want them to be happy and to enjoy their time at school; we want them to work hard, challenge themselves and aim to be the best they can be; and we want them to care for others and show respect and courtesy to all. We want our boys and sixth form girls to be inquisitive, curious, eager to learn and develop. And we want them to leave DGSB with a sense of purpose and a confidence that will allow them to be whatever they want to be. 

As important as they are, and as proud as we are of what our students achieve at GCSE and A Level, examination results do not define them. Rather, our boys and girls are defined by the way in which they approach their time at DGSB, the effort they put in, the way they contribute academically, in sport, music and the creative arts and by the way they care for and show concern for others. 

That is what makes a member of Team DGSB.