DGSB Masterclasses

Dover Grammar School for Boys is providing a fantastic opportunity for Year 5 primary school pupils to attend a range of Masterclass Lessons.

These classes are a great opportunity for pupils to develop their love of a particular subject or learn more about a subject they have not studied before.

Masterclass Lessons at DGSB - 2023-2024 Academic Year

- These lessons are open for any pupil who is in year 5 during the academic year 2023-2024 and are completely free of charge

- All lessons take place on Wednesdays between 4pm and 5pm

- Should you wish to book a place for your son/daughter to attend, registration for each Term’s sessions will open approximately 1 month before the first lesson of that Term is due to take place

- In order to ensure fairness of access, we would ask that you book a maximum of 3 separate events for your child.

- To secure a place for your child, please use the Eventbrite link below when courses are available. You will then be directed to book via the ‘Eventbrite’ website, where further information will be available

- Should you have any further questions regarding these lessons, please contact Mr M Rosier at mrosier@dgsb.co.uk.

Term 5 and 6 – Booking available from 20th March 2024

Term 5

Wed 1st May

Geography Tropical Rainforest Escape Room



Wed 15th May

MFL masterclass



Wed 22nd May

Historical crime scene investigation



Term 6

Wed 12th Jun

Practical Science



Wed 19th Jun 

Philosophical questions



Wed 10th July

PE Mini Olympics



Wed 17th July

Computing Introduction to Programming: sequence, selection and iteration