Film Studies

"To infinity and beyond!" Toy Story, 1995

Mrs Parker
Entry Requirements: Grade 5 in GCSE English Literature or GCSE Media Studies


The course comprises of three components. Component 1 and 2 each equate to 35% of the qualification. Component 3 involves coursework which involves the production of a short film or a written screenplay. This makes up the final 30% of the qualification. 

Component 1 comprises both Classical and New Hollywood (Section A), followed by American Film since 2005 (Section B) and British film since 1995 (Section C). 

Component 2 consists of four sections: European and Global Film (Section A), Documentary Film (Section B), Silent Cinema (Section C) and Experimental Film (Section D).  

Component 3 is the coursework element where students will study a selection of short films to provide inspiration for their own piece. This can take the form of a short film or a script for a scene in a feature-length film. 


This course focuses on the spectator’s experience in the film making process alongside the application of both core and additional study areas that will allow students to fully understand films studied in terms of meaning, mise-en-scene and contexts. An appreciation of the aesthetic quality of films and their underlying meanings is essential to this course and students should bring their passion for all types of films and film movements to the classroom to enable fruitful discussions within our analytical seminars.