House System

Reflecting a long standing DGSB tradition the House System places every student in one of five houses: Castle, Channel, Port, Priory and Pharos. These names represent iconic surrounding landmarks past and present and bring the importance of our local heritage into the school’s ethos. Most importantly however, adoption into one of the houses gives our boys a meaningful sense of place and belonging.

Each Form in every year represents one of the houses, aligning boys with a house throughout their education from year 7-13. We believe this fosters an identity through companionship within houses, healthy competition between houses and recognition as part of a wider school community.

When boys gain achievement points for good work or positive contributions to school life they will be added to an ongoing total for the house, accruing throughout the year. House points are also won for sporting representation and success, contributions to charity fundraising as well as creative work. Significant numbers of points can be gained on celebratory school events such as Fiat Lux Day, Sports day and Los Mondialas during which completion and collaboration are central components of the days. Further, many departments within the school offer competitions whose winner gains success for their house. These include the Christmas Card design competitions, Inter-house Sports and The Brain Of DGSB Quiz.

From falling naturally into house teams during lunchtime football matches, to taking the House Cup for most points earnt in the year, the House System is an important part of the boy’s wider education and something that continues to be a contributor to the school’s strong sense of community.