Further Maths

"Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding." William Paul Thurston

Mrs Munday, Miss Iverson
Entry Requirements: Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics. Students must also study Mathematics A-level. This is an additional subject, so students who select this option will be taking four A-Levels.


At DGSB, students study the Edexcel further mathematics A-level specification. It covers many topics including introductions to matrices, complex numbers, differential equations and hyperbolic functions.  There is an emphasis on the following skills:

  • Mathematical argument, language and proof
  • Mathematical problem solving
  • Mathematical modelling

There are two compulsory core modules covering various topics in Pure Mathematics and two optional modules. At DGSB, you will normally study the optional modules Mechanics 1 and Decision Mathematics 1. However, it is possible for you to do other modules, although if you select this route it will involve some supervised self-study.

At the end of year 13 there are three 90-minute exams, one for each module studied.


If you are applying to study a degree in a STEM subject, you should consider taking further mathematics, as the additional content helps ensure a successful progression to university. The challenge of studying a fourth A level has to be carefully weighed against the benefit of achieving a broader knowledge of understanding of Mathematical concepts but nevertheless it is to be recommended. We would strongly advise you to consider what you might be applying for after the sixth form as some universities may have further maths as a preference or requirement for STEM courses. Having A-level further mathematics on your university application is also a way to make it stand out. 

“When students begin an engineering course with a further maths qualification, whether at A-level or AS, we find they are significantly better prepared to manage their studies.” 
John Morton, Chief executive: Engineering and Technology Board 

“AS and A Level Further Mathematics are valuable qualifications which give added insight into how mathematics develops and why it is useful. ” 
Vanessa Thorogood, Education Officer: Institute of Mathematics and its Applications