Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates

DGSB Full Reopening September 2020 - Risk Assessment

Please click here to access our risk assessment for the full reopening of DGSB in September 2020. This document is 'live' and will be updated whenever necessary or appropriate.

Resources to Support Remote Learning - Academic Year 2020-21

If case your child is unable to attend school because he/she is having to self-isolate or because another member of the household is having to self-isolate, we have produced term-by-term guides for each year group and for each subject to allow students and parents to follow the curriculum as effectively as possible from home. You can find the resources for each of Years 7 to 11 below. Sixth Form students will have work provided directly by their teachers using their class M365 Team and will know exactly where to locate the work they need to do.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Should we move to a period of rotas - where certain year groups are in school for a period of time and others at home, with the year groups swapping every two weeks - students will be able to access recorded and part-live lessons using M365 Teams and will be able to access learning resources through their M365 account as well as on Show My Homework (Satchel 1).

Any student who does not have access to a laptop or similar device at home may contact the school in confidence and we will do our best to support using the devices which we have been given by the Department for Education.

This page will be updated regularly over the coming months and at the start of each new school term.


DGSB’s Contingency Planning for Remote Teaching + Learning

Please click here to see our Contingency Plan for Remote Teaching and Learning. This document will be updated as required.