Exam Appeals 2021

All results and appeal enquiries should be directed to exams2021@dgsb.co.uk  

Only students themselves can make pre-appeals information requests and/or make an appeal. 

Pre-Appeals Information Request: 

Before submitting the appeal form, you must first request the following information: 

  • The sources of EVIDENCE used to determine your grade along with any marks/grades associated with them 
  • Details of any special circumstances (CONTEXT) that have been taken into account in determining your grade 

To request this information, you must complete the relevant form(s) below and email them to exams2021@dgsb.co.uk 

A Level: 



If after studying the contextual information and the basket of evidence, you decide you still wish to appeal, you must first read the JCQ Student and Parent Guide.  

Both Stage One and Stage Two of the JCQ Appeals form (Appendix B) should then be completed and sent to exams2021@dgsb.co.uk 

What are the two stages of appeal? 

All appeals, on any of the grounds above, must first go through a centre review. At this stage, we will check for any administrative errors, and check that our policies and procedures were followed correctly. Our policy has already been approved by the exam boards, so we are only ensuring that we followed this properly. 

The outcome of the centre review will be communicated to you when made. 

At the centre review stage, if we find that a grade should go up or down, we will ask the exam board to change it. They will then consider this request.  

Following the centre review you will be informed of the outcome. Should you still wish to pursue an awarding organisation appeal you must reply and confirm this to us. We will then send the appeal information on your behalf to the exam boards. Students and parents cannot send appeals directly to the exam board(s) themselves – it must come from us. 

The outcome of the awarding organisation appeal will be communicated to you when made. 

What are the deadlines for appeal? 


Evidence/Context Info Request 

Centre Review 

Awarding Body Appeal 

Priority Appeal* 

13th August 2021 4pm 

16th August 2021 4pm 

23rd August 2021 4pm 

Non-Priority Appeal 

1st September 2021 4pm 

3rd September 2021 4pm 

10th September 2021 4pm 

* Priority appeals are only open to A level students starting university this autumn, who have missed out on the conditions of their firm or insurance offer. If you decided not to confirm a firm conditional offer and to go through clearing instead, JCQ cannot offer you a priority appeal. 

Other information: