School Trips

We arrange trips for our students to enhance their education. Trip and excursions in previous years have included:

  • Geography KS4 trip to Naples
  • Geography fieldwork trips (KS4)
  • Ski trip
  • Year 7 Natural History Museum trip
  • Year 8 conference
  • KS4 Art trip to the National Gallery
  • KS5 Art trip to Dungeness
  • KS4 Music trip to the West End
  • KS5 CERN trip
  • MFL KS4 trips to Spain, France and Germany
  • Year 7 day trip to France
  • History KS4 trips to Ypres and Berlin
  • Various careers fairs (KS4 and 5)
  • KS5 Road Safety Experience
  • Annual rewards trips (all KSs)

We also have annual visits from a Dutch school and a German school which students from various year groups get to be involved with.