"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Bob  Marley

Mrs Simes
Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in GCSE Music. The ability to perform at a competent level (i.e. grade 5 ABRSM or equivalent exam standard) is also required.


The course consists of three modules: the first module requires you to perform music live in an eight-minute recital. You may play any instrument, or you may use your voice. You may create your own backing track if you wish or you may choose to perform as part of a group. The options are wide! 

Module two requires you to compose two pieces of music; one connected to an area of study, lasting four minutes, and the other designed to show your technical ability in a particular area such as Baroque harmony, arranging or remixing. 

The third module is focused on the study of 18 set works covering a wide range of styles, including fusion, music for film, pop music and jazz, new directions, western instrumental and vocal music. This paper is assessed through an examination which involves two essays and listening questions. You will be expected to be able to relate the set works to unfamiliar music in the final exam as well as describing facets of the music – as you have started to do at GCSE. 


This course explores music from the point of view of listener, performer and composer. It may be that you are an aspiring performer – in any genre. You may be more interested in the appreciation of music from an academic perspective; perhaps you are more focused on the creative aspects and aspire to compose for media or stage. If you have committed to studying music, and are involved in music of any sort in school and out, then this is an ideal choice for you.