Art and Design (Fine Art)

"It’s kind of fun to do the impossible." Walt Disney 

Mr Gratus, Ms Ried
Entry Requirements: Grade 6 in GCSE Art or Equivalent


This is a linear course with examinations at the end of Year 13. 

We follow the AQA specification in Art & Design (fine art). 

The two-year linear programme contains four units. Year 12 consists of one coursework unit and one internally set assignment, leading to a five-hour examination. Year 13 consists of one coursework unit and a 15-hour externally assessed examination. The coursework and examination work each count for 50% of the total mark. 

The ‘Portfolio’ in Year 12 and the ‘Personal Investigation’ in Year 13 require you to be innovative and to experiment as you learn from major artists and apply that learning to practical work. For the externally set assignments, you will write at least 2,000 words analysing, describing and appreciating the work of major artists. You will also make notes about your own work and how it relates to the work of selected artists. 

Themes for the units could include landscape, portraits, still life, interiors, buildings and structures and wildlife. Wide ranges of materials and processes are used throughout the course. You are given a strategic learning programme that is unique to your artistic direction, interests and creative development. Group discussions and one-to-one discussions are held frequently and recorded. 


Trips to galleries provide opportunities for you to engage with original works of art. We also expect you to learn independently, by undertaking your own trips to galleries and exhibitions and by making contact with local artists.  

Successful students of art at DGSB have gone on to study Fine Art, Digital Media Design, Gaming Design, Film Production, Art history, and Architecture at university.