The Fiat Lux Programme

In September 2019 we introduced a new initiative – the “Fiat Lux Programme” - for our Year 7 and 8 students.

This is designed to raise aspirations and encourage students to aim as high as they can in all that they do. We are aware of how competitive the wider world is nowadays, and we want to give our students all the positive tools we can so that they can rise to the top when putting themselves forward for university places or employment / training opportunities in the future. We also want them to feel proud – just as we feel proud – of all the many things they are able to do. 

The “Fiat Lux Programme” - which derives its name from our school motto, “Fiat Lux”, meaning “Let there be light” - allows students to record and receive recognition for all the things they achieve both in school and when involved in activities outside school hours.

Our aim is to help our students believe in themselves and to create a record of all the amazing things that they do – many of which we would otherwise be unaware of! Achievements are recorded using students' Microsoft Office 365 Form Team and can be entered whether at school or at home. Indeed, encourage parents to sit down with their sons at home and to look at the types of achievement that he can record. We also encourage as much evidence as possible to be attached to any achievement – for example photos, web links, certificates. All these items will help to create a full and strong record of achievement and success that we very much hope will allow our students to recognise just how talented and capable they are and to remind them always to look up and aim as high as possible. 

To have a look at some examples of students Fiat Lux work, please have a look at our Fiat Lux Gallery

We encourage all parents/carers to talk to their sons about what they have added, or could add in future, to their “Fiat Lux Programme” achievement records.  

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