Five Minute Philosophy

Welcome to '5 Minute Philosophy'. In each of the videos below Mr Rosier interviews an expert in an area of philosophy or a specific ethical issue. Some videos also focus on current affairs issues relevant to the time they were recorded.

The clips offer a glimpse into important philosophical and ethical debates for you to continue discussing with your friends as well as a gateway into important philosophical ideas which you may decide to continue investigating yourself. None of the views in the videos are those of the participants or of DGSB, but are aimed at being good sources for discussion. 

Lastly, please do consider talking to Mr Rosier if you would like to take part- he would like to hear from you if you have a particular interest or expertise in an any area of study.

What is 5 minute Philosophy?

5 Minute Philosophy - Covid 19 Vaccination

5 Minute Philosophy - What was it like being a Doctor throughout Covid-19)

5 Minute Philosophy - Conspiracy Theories

5 Minute Philosophy - Existentialism

5 Minute Philosophy - Tragedy

5 Minute Philosophy - Equal Pay in Sport

5 Minute Philosophy - Censorship