Fiat Lux Scholars

Fiat Lux Scholars 

In July 2020 we were delighted to oversee the designation of our first cohort of Fiat Lux Scholars in Years 7 and 8 going into Years 8 and 9 2020-21.

The idea and purpose of the Fiat Lux Scholars is to recognise and reward the highest levels of effort, application and academic success demonstrated by students in KS3. In order to choose our first cohort of FLS we did the following:

  • nominated 20 students in Years 7 and 8 as Fiat Lux Scholars for the following academic year
  • ensured scholars were chosen not just for high academic attainment - though this can be part of it -  but also for significantly improved effort, application, resilience, helpfulness, and/or contribution to the life of the school
  • created a tie and a lapel badge for students to wear with pride, to raise aspirations

Fiat Lux Scholars will be re-designated at the end of each academic year for the following year, and must therefore continue to show all the qualities and attributes which led to their designation in July 2020.

I am incredibly pleased to be able to list our Fiat Lux Scholars 2021-22 as follows: